Two years later…

So, wow.

It’s been two years since the last time I posted on this blog. Typical me. I actually stopped blogging right when the real adventure began. Do I wish I had continued documenting the trip to Korea? Absolutely.

Well, I suppose it’s still in my instagram/tumblr in photo pieces.

How time flies still doesn’t register in my mind. Two years. Much changes. Meh.


Day 3: Jamshil & Cat Cafe!

On day three, I went to meet my friend from Toronto, EJ. We met up at Jamshil station, somewhere I visited for the first time! “Jamshil” makes me think of Leessang’s Gary, for some odd reason. Anyway, we hung around the Lotte Mall and Underground, and then took a walk around Lotte World! I can’t believe I actually walked the whole way around Lotte World either. And mind you, I didn’t walk around Lotte World on the inside, but actually around it. There was a walking area around the Lotte Lake, and we just walked off the food we ate at the Lotte Mall.


I also tried patbingsoo for the first time, which I was quite excited about. I’d been wanting to try patbingsoo for a while now, since I like red bean and it’s known for that. But the one we got was a lemon-bingsoo, which was still quite good!  We ate this at the cafe near Lotte World, and EJ treated me, which was so sweet of her~


Afterwards, I met up with E, K, and her friend from the States, I/E. We visited Daiso until S got there, and then head off to Edae! (AGAIN! lol!)

There we searched for this place called Jaws Ddeokbokki, a place that EJ had recommended me. So after walking for a bit, we eventually got hungry and E decided to buy from this food cart. Little did we know… the ddeokbokki shop I was searching for was right in front of the food cart. LOL. So after E bought hers, I bought an order of the Spicy Rice Cake from Jaws Ddeokbokki. I/E also bought a serving, E bought a Fish Cake Udon, and we sat at that place for what would be known as the ddeokbokki incident. Well, okay, it wasn’t really that much of an “incident” per se, but still, it was a memorable outing.

Turned out, the ddeokbokki from the Jaws place actually was really spicy. Now… let me tell you, I can take spicy food. I like Indian food, I’ve eaten Hakka spicy food… but Korean spicy food is a different type of spiciness. It’s the gochujang-type of spicy (red pepper flakes), and it heats you up internally. So I tried one piece, and all was good.

…Until about three seconds later, when I realized that “noooope! …this is maybe a notch above my level of spiciness. lol.


We still continued eating, even though we were pretty much done after the first piece. The routine would go like: eating one of the super spicy, suffering for about five seconds, and then drinking some soup or eating a piece of the equally good (but lesser of the two) spicy ddeokbokki. All in all, it was quite good. I think our ddeokbokki craving was… well… pretty much gone after that.

Then we shopped around some more. Although I’d gone to Edae searching for some shoes, once again, I return with a bunch of other bags, but no shoes. -_-.

On the way back, however, I found a cat cafe. *_____*.

I cannot begin to explain how much I’d been wanting to go to a “Cat Café” ever since I read of them. So when I realized that there was a cat cafe above the shoe shops I was hovering around, it was just decided then and there. We were going to the cat cafe, and we were going that night itself. It also helped that E and K were equally (if not more) excited to finally see a cat cafe.


I’ll probably just dedicate another post on the cat cafe experience itself since I’ve got like a bazillion pictures of the place.*

But yeah! It was another productive day in Korea~

(* not a bazillion, maybe like twenty. -_-.)

Day 2: Omokgyo & Itaewon!

Day of the Exchange Student Orientation.

We had orientation in the morning from 9:30am until 1pm. After that, S and I had a schedule – we would go to register for our Alien Registration Card. I also met H that day, after the orientation.

So we went to get our Certificates of Enrolment at the Student Services Building, where we met E and K, two girls from America who got roomed together. It was a lucky encounter, because later I discovered that we had quite a few interests in common.

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Day 1 – Tour les Jours

Day 1 - Tour les Jours

First breakfast in Korea, and I go to Tour les Jours.

2013-08-29 10.30.55

2013-08-29 10.30.42

Quite good, though! The croquettes were so soft ~
Got the spicy chicken, curry chicken, and vegetable something, and liked the vegetable one the best.

2013-08-29 10.55.15 2013-08-29 10.33.03

Also got green tea smoothie, which was quite nice as well 🙂 I don’t usually get drinks unless it’s something to do with lemon(ade) or juice, but I think my taste is expanding, which is good. I need to make the most of everything here while I can!