Review: Daiso Blackhead Mask

IMG_2489 IMG_2490My Daiso Charcoal Blackhead Pore Peel Masque Cleanser came in the mail today~! 

(Whew, that is a long name!)

I ordered it on eBay a few weeks ago, and at the cheap price of $5.14, and I thought it was a bargain compared to those nose strips that came in like small packs for around the same. This one is 80g, and apparently more effective. And since it isn’t a strip, it’s more convenient, since you can apply it on which ever areas you need. I always felt a bit unpleased that nose strips were in a specific shape, because not all noses are the same!!

Anyway~ so I cleansed my face with my Laneige Multicleanser went ahead and applied it on my face… my WHOLE FACE. (Which I totally didn’t need to do, and SHOULDN’T have done, actually, but I did…)

The texture was quite thick and sticky. It was like black gooey tar-like paste.

It started drying quite fast after I applied it. The areas I started with were already starting to solidify by the time I finished. When it was dry, it was like the texture of a hide of an animal, lol. If we were reptiles, this is how we would feel like, probably, lol~ Kind of like plastic.

Peeling off the mask was the unpleasant part. I’ve worn peel-off masks before, but that was years ago. Let me tell you, this mask will sting when you take it off. Especially if you put it on your forehead, your cheeks, your nose bridge, and anywhere near your eyes — which you’re not supposed to do. WHY I didn’t think this through, I don’t know.

I was just supposed to put it on my nose, that’s what I’d bought it for, but after looking at the cartoon picture on the cover, I kind of just got carried away, lol.

In the end, I don’t think it did much pore tightening, but it left my face really dry and red.

It definitely did get out some blackheads/whiteheads/I dunno whats, though!

I don’t like to think I have sensitive skin, more like dry/combination; but the instructions on the back did say to use “Essence” if you have dry skin. Oh well.

My face is always so red/blemish-showing after I wash my face… =/ good thing it hides itself after it settles down though 😛

Warning: Disgusting pictures of the mask peel below!




IMG_2503 IMG_2504 IMG_2505

So after I washed off the residue and patted dry, my face was all pink and stinging… which isn’t a good sign, but I dunno.

So I used my CURE Natural Aqua Gel to get all the dead skin off 😀
The only times I use this are the times when I need to, which is the only time I’m actually glad I bought it, lol. Other times I’m usually cursing at myself so spending so much money on it.


And then I used my favorite Skinfood Rice Mask. I tried this mask about two years ago, when I bought it for cheap from eBay. Then so conveniently my friend gave me a travel size one JUST as I was finishing my tub. This mask saved my face from when it was really dry.

Handy-dandy travel size, given as a souvenir by my friend

Handy-dandy travel size, given as a souvenir by my friend

And after Laneige toner + essence + emulsion, my skin was much less red than before. I think the mask was just meant mainly for the nose area. Or if you have like.. strong skin *_*. Sensitive skin people, beware.


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