Herschel Backpack

So I realized that lately my blog has become some what of a ..what-did-I-buy-today-sort of blog. It’s because I’m just so lazy to take pictures of myself actually wearing the items. Plus, I’m usually running late. Lol.

Anyway, yesterday I bought a new backback! 😀

I got the Black Herschel Backpack from Little Burgundy.
IMG_3256 IMG_3257 IMG_3254
Only ONE year limited warranty 😦 but not like I use warranties anyway, lol.

I admit it was sort of an impulse buy since I hadn’t planned on buying anything when I went to the mall yesterday. But I HAD been looking for a new backpack…

I’d been looking at Incase, Jansport, and Herschel. I was sort of going to go for Jansport, but since I never really liked Jansport from the beginning I was quite partial to that. And Incase was so expensive; it didn’t seem like a good deal… especially compared to Jansport’s lifetime warranty. In the end it was like Incase < Jansport < Herschel. Mostly because I liked Herschel’s look better, hee 😛

The two plug-like sign first caught my attention years ago. A lot of Korean people were sporting it especially. o-o I thought it was a Korean brand that wasn’t in the Americas yet but recently it’s been popular. There’s even a Herschel shop downtown in Queen St.


The front pocket looks small because of the design but in fact it’s quite roomy 🙂 Can fit little things in there. And the pretty lining doesn’t hurt!


Comes with a little key holder thingy which I use for my metropass in stead (since I have like, no keys, literally)


The large compartment flap opens right up down half the bag so it’s convenient. And there’s a hidden small pocket on the side for the iPod.



The laptop pocket is really big. My 13″ Macbook Pro doesn’t fit snugly but that’s okay, I think. I can just put like a small binder in there or a course kit or something to make it less loose.

The rest of the bag is nice and wide though. Lots of room! (For 17″ x 13″ x 5.5″ it better be! lol) No unnecessary compartments to complicate the space.

Still lots of room with my Macbook inside
IMG_3272Plus a small binder

IMG_3279That bottle is actually quite tall

My friend Charlene was like “$55?!” when I tried to mouth the price to Charisse, but I think it’s a good price for a good backpack… plus, I haven’t been shopping as much lately so it’s a treat!!! I was considering an Incase one! Which would have been even more expensive! So technically… I made a smarter decision. xD”

It’s all in the name of schooling!! Just trying to be a good student!! It’s okay. It was a good buy. I like this one better than any purple/pink Jansport bag I would have bought anyway.


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