A Trip Downtown & Kensington Market

Yesterday I went to meet my friend Reggie, and we decided to go to Kensington Market downtown after having mentioned it a few times in the past.

We started off by visiting Cafe Crepe for lunch which was at Queens Street also. I got a Strawberry w/Sugar simple crepe, which cost me like $6-7, I think. And Reggie got a simple Caramel crepe (which she devoured in like 5 minutes while we walked towards the intersection, lol). Mine was quite packed with strawberries. I didn’t finish mine since I was impatient to go into the stores on the road, but I had enough to satisfy my crepe craving for the day, haha.

Then we went into the shoe stores along the road (Get Outside, Doc Martens, etc.) — and I tried on a burgundy pair of Dr Martens, which I absolutely liked on me – but then I didn’t like the price and feel of the hard leather. But then I found a pair I liked which were made of softer leather and were less clown-looking called the Nappa style (I think it’s 1640s?) in size 7. I thought I was a size 8, because usually I am, but apparently DocMarts run a size smaller since they are expected to stretch. So yeah, that was one of the highlights of my shopping parts of the day. I found a pair of military-styled boots that I liked, and I think I will invest in them soon after this busy weekend is over.

So then we walked to Kensington. It was my first time going there. I thought I would have liked the vintage-looking old-style atmosphere but I found that it was more similar to the feeling of India’s markets than the Southern… rodeo-kind of image I was thinking of. We got off at Queens Street West & Spadina, and then walked north-east past Chinatown, into Kensington Street. At first everything was very rustic-looking, with lots of older styled clothing boutiques. We even went into a store owned by (I think) Nepali people who were selling ethnic clothes. It was all incense and fabric inside, intense.

It was hot. So of course seeing an ice cream store meant that you had to get one. Lol. (Or maybe walking in meant that we did).


We had been walking for a while so I was literally melting in my skin. Pretty sure Reggie was too. So we decided to go for some ice cream at “Mr Icecream“, which was alright. It was $3 for a small cup, which was really small when I first looked at it but then it turned out to be quite enough, actually.

I got Ferrero Rocher flavor, and Reggie got Raspberry. :3



We saw this cool graffiti-planted car on the street after crossing Mr Icecream. The insides of the car was filled with soil and plants. o_o. As was the trunk… and the front area…

Then we visited a big store which had a LOT of miscellaneous items, ranging from cups and candy to clothing and toys. I think we spent a good half an hour there, lol. (The AC definitely helped keep us in!)

After that we went to Pizzeria Libretto on Queens & Ossington.
Reggie’d had her 19th birthday lunch here two years ago and we left with a good memory. So we came back 🙂 This time we ordered one featured vegetarian pizza and a White anchovy something pizza. The bread was really nice and light, and the ingedients weren’t overwhelming or anything.
In total we split $39 and were completely bloated.

ft side: Feature pizza of the day - zucchini, goat cheese, basil, olives, and something else that I forgot. Right side: White anchovy pizza - anchovies, tomato, another kind of cheese?, lol.

ft side: Feature pizza of the day – zucchini, goat cheese, basil, olives, and something else that I forgot. Right side: White anchovy pizza – anchovies, tomato, another kind of cheese?, lol.

Lastly we went to Nadège Patisserie, located at Queens St, between Ossington and Bathurst.
Right from the entrance I was impressed. The store looked clean, white, simple, but yet pretty cute. To be honest I didn’t even notice the decor, because right away my attention was taken away by the desserts and sandwiches! XD lol.

IMAG0461 IMAG0470 IMAG0459 IMAG0460
We each bought 6 in a pack for $12.
And finally, Reggie opened her present (from like, two months ago, LOL). She’s been talking about how she wanted to try these miniature Japanese food kits that she saw on youtube for a while now. So when I happened to spot these in a food store in the north and south ends of Pmall, I was so excited!
IMAG0468 IMAG0469

After that we went to Eatons, because I wanted to shop for a few loose tops at Forever 21 & H&M. Lately I’ve been wanting more looser fitting clothes since I gained weight again and didn’t feel comfortable in fitted clothes =_=. But I found three tops that I liked 🙂

Overall, we had a good productive day! We went from OCAD, Cafe Crepe, past Chinatown, to Kensington Market, to Pizzeria Libretto, to Nadège, to Eatons Centre, and then home. 🙂

Lastly, a picture of Reggie and I from our impromptu travels on the TTC.

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