Review: The FACE Shop – Chia Seed Collection


Chia Seed Water 100 Series

Recently my friend, Charlene, found this new Chia Seed collection in a beauty boutique in northern K-town. She first bought the Chia Seed Toner, and then also decided to try out the Eye essence. Then a few weeks later we found that The Face Shop had a store in Pacific Mall as well. Since I was running low on moisturizer, I decided to indulge in the Watery Lotion myself.

I will slightly review three products from this line.

In the order of skincare steps, first the Chia Seed Watery Toner:


Quite like the name, the toner runs smoothly like water, and has a nice light smell to it. I can’t pinpoint what the scent is exactly, but it is fairly light, and smells good! Also, I believe this is the moisturizing type of toner so you can just pat it into the skin rather than apply using cotton pads (which is what Charlene said she was doing). But I prefer using cotton pads anyway since it removes dust and cleanser residue. I’m too used to my Laneige.

I received the sample version of this toner when I bought the lotion from the shop, but Charlene has the full bottle.


The toner sample size in contrast to the size of the regular bottle (the full size in the picture is my lotion, not the toner)


This toner feels nice, and the scent is nice, but I didn’t see that much change in my skin’s hydration. After trying the sample about three times now, I think I still prefer my stronger, more alcohol-based Laneige Pore Refining Toner. Simply because my skin does need refining every few days… especially when I have random pop ups or budding ones. The Laneige one just wipes it right off. This one is milder so it just focuses on the hydration, I guess. I just prefer to put the moisture focus on my lotions and moisturizers rather than my cleanser and toners.

 Chia Seed Watery Lotion



This lotion is quite nice. It’s light, it soaks into the skin well, it soaks in fairly fast, and no stickiness! Usually I order my skincare online after reading reviews and doing research. But sometimes – just sometimes – I find something in person (okay, maybe not sometimes, rarely) and I end up buying it. Sure, my decision to purchase it was partially because my Shills Moisturizing Gel Cream was already halfway finished. But also because of Charlene’s influence. =_=. She and Charisse were both raving about Chia this, and Chia that, so much that I decided to look at it too. =_=. But it’s fine, it turned out well anyway.

The lotion is of a light consistency, which allows it to be soaked in fast. Also, it’s easy to blend into the skin, and doesn’t feel oily or greasy after it’s soaked in. It has a slight guava-like scent to it though. I have no idea what chia seeds taste or smell like, but if they smell like guava then sure. But it’s a nice smell nonetheless.

IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0009

The moisture level is light-medium, I would say. My skin is dry-combination, but since it is winter now, my cheeks tend to get a bit flaky. I find that this lotion is fine if I’m only doing skincare; but if I were to wear foundation on top, I would definitely wear two layers or use an additional product for moisturizing… just because I know how my skin reacts to my BB cream / powder. But if not for makeup, the moisture level stays good for a few hours for sure. My cheek areas don’t become oily after a few hours like they do for other thicker moisturizers I’ve tried, which leads me to assume that this lotion is doing a good job not overdoing it!

Chia Seed Watery Eye & Spot Essence

This product belongs to Charlene, as do the opinions/review.
She bought this essence for her under eye area since she tends to lack sleep often. Apparently it is very soothing, and has a cool gel texture. The texture is very light. Right after she put some on her finger the gel turned watery. I suppose it’s in accordance to the “watery” theme this line is having, huh. Application is smooth as well.

According to the salesgirl at the shop, this essence is supposed to be good for:

  • scar reduction,  
  • under eye bags,
  • and other problem areas on the face.

So it’s not just an eye essence, it’s a spot treatment essence of a sort. She was also told that it takes approximately two weeks to see results.


Overall, I think this line of skincare is nice. I haven’t tried the essence myself; I don’t use eye creams or essence as part of my own skincare regime anyway. But it still does appeal to me a bit. What I like about this line is that everything is light. The scents, texture, look of it, consistency, and I suppose in a way the results too.

I am curious about the cream in this series, but not enough to go buy it. The items were in about the same range as my Laneige usuals, but still. Cream is always the most expensive and looks most ridiculous to me. The FACE Shop does have a Mango-themed collection in store right now too, which looks to me like a sister series to the Chia Seed one. Charlene, being a mango-anything addict, bought the lotion from that series rather than continue with this one. But I prefer this line more. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Review: The FACE Shop – Chia Seed Collection

  1. hallo. i just read you review about chia seed watery lotion. i wanna ask , the product is for face? only for face or can be use for hand and body too? i just get that product from my friend but still confuse how to use. thank u.

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