Everything happens for a reason

If there was one thing that I learned this past year, it was that not getting in to TaLK Korea was a good thing for me. I’ve gone with the titled saying for years, but not until recently have I started to pick it up again.

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GPA Goal Reached!

So did I ever mention that I (finally) received my two remaining marks (from the 4410 and 4416 course that I was waiting on) yesterday?!

I got a B+ in 4416, which I was a little disappointed about because I was getting A- for the quizzes, but I know I lacked in the two major papers. And I actually really enjoyed that class, so I was disappointed that I didn’t apply myself more. But actually, I found out about the mark from my professor the night before, because I took a shot and emailed him (while slightly hinting at the minimum mark I would need)… which was good, because he said he raised my mark by one point to give me the B+ (which, once again, was the disappointing part… that I had to be bumped up by one point.)

But anyway, I found out that I got an A for my 4410 course with Prof Hyun! — which I was completely stoked about because (1.) I was somewhat expecting a B+, and (2.) I didn’t do my best in the second semester. I hardly studied for the last exam (15%), and my paper was x too, though I did manage to score a B+ on it? At that point I felt like,”huh… maybe Prof Hyun does like me!”, but then my friend said that maybe… after majoring in Korean studies for so long I just innately had the skills – or enough to bs a paper on it.

Anyhow, I made the B sessional average I needed! And so now my conditional nomination to Hanyang U should be confirmed! WHOO HOO! It’s become a bit more real now, and it’s exciting!

Another week gone…

This past week… man.

All I did was sleep, eat, play games on my mobile, and pass time on the internet. Usually, my weeks mainly consist of: sleeping, eating, and being a netizen; but this past week I’ve been spending more time on gaming! And that too, on my phone! Whaaa?

First I found this app called LINE PLAY, which I saw on Tricia Gosingtian’s tumblr post… it was cute, and seemed like a… dress your character and make your house-type of game – which I like. So first I got hooked on to that… (5pm is an important time of the day now).


I even promoted myself on tumblr, twitter, and soompi. LOLS. It worked though, I got the invite codes/referrals I needed.

Then I decided to go app hunting, as in game hunting… and tried “League of Heroes“…


I was pretty into it for about two nights… even though one time, I chose wrong and had to grind my way through to continue. Then… this (similar thing) happened…


I got stuck at having to grind again (because of level caps)… so now that’s just sitting there…

By this time, I was already sort of addicted to another game though — EpicHearts.

And ohhhh let me tell you, am I… addicted. When I play it, the hours just FLY PASS. Once, I picked it up at around 12 or 1 am, next thing I knew, 4 AM! (smh) I can even fairly blame this game for making me indulge in staying up late into the night. Just two days ago, I didn’t shut everything off until 6:30am in the morning. The birds were chirping. My people here were waking up. Whilst I… was trying to fall asleep.


First intense session, I made it to Level 19. In one night gaming session. Then, suddenly… I was 29 o_o. And now I’m Level 36.

Sigh. This week of my life…

Goodbye Fourth Year of University~

I went out with my friends today yesterday (which I hardly ever do, go out just to meet them, that is) It’s always something to do with having an errand, or having something to buy, or just… SOMETHING.
But right now, I don’t have anything to do.

School is over for me, good bye fourth year of university~ it was a swift but knowledge-filled ride.

I’m glad that’s over, but now I wait.
Wait for summer school (Guitar in S1 – May-June) to begin and end…
Wait for (possibly) Ewha Summer Language Program and that whole plan to get sorted out…
Wait for my huma 4416 and huma 4410 marks to come out…

Wait for exchange to confirm my nomination based on sessional gpa…


I have about three weeks of having nothing to do.

And I like it.

Nominated to Hanyang

I haven’t updated with this small (but heavy) piece of information yet. But I received an email from the Exchange Assistant congratulating me on my nomination!

That must mean that this just became more real, right?!

I actually only found out earlier today (or well, yesterday…) but I seemingly had started to prepare for it a little bit until I put it aside for later and forgot about it. Reason for that? …The 20-page essay looming over my head that I have yet to finish writing.

My mark for Intro to Guitar for Non-Majors (3.0 credits) was B+… which means that in order to come to a sessional minimum of B, I’d need at least one A, and two B+s for the three remaining 6.0 credit courses… I’ve finished two now. Which leaves one… the one I’m working on right now.

1197/5000 words.

Did I mention it is due in less than 36 hours from now?

Ohh… I’ve really done it now.