Exchange: Conditional Acceptance

I heard from exchange on Tuesday


Okay. Okay. I won’t get excited unless I’ve met the condition requirements, which I’m thinking I will meet. I should meet it. I will… unless one of my professors decide to be really unforgiving, which I am surely hoping they won’t.

Hello Andrea
Thank you for meeting to discuss your exchange application. We would like to offer a conditional nomination to Hanyang University for the upcoming academic year. The condition is that your GPA for the 2012-13 academic is at least a 6.0/B. With conditional nominations we proceed with the nomination as usual, the host university is not informed of the condition. Once grades are released at the end of this academic year, we review files and confirm with applicants if the condition has been met.

Coordinator, International Mobility Programs

I am expecting an A for both my fourth year 6.0 credit courses, and hoping for a B or a B+ for my second year 6.0 and guitar 3.0 course. That should make it, right? …right? >_<;;

Please help me, Universe!


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