Nominated to Hanyang

I haven’t updated with this small (but heavy) piece of information yet. But I received an email from the Exchange Assistant congratulating me on my nomination!

That must mean that this just became more real, right?!

I actually only found out earlier today (or well, yesterday…) but I seemingly had started to prepare for it a little bit until I put it aside for later and forgot about it. Reason for that? …The 20-page essay looming over my head that I have yet to finish writing.

My mark for Intro to Guitar for Non-Majors (3.0 credits) was B+… which means that in order to come to a sessional minimum of B, I’d need at least one A, and two B+s for the three remaining 6.0 credit courses… I’ve finished two now. Which leaves one… the one I’m working on right now.

1197/5000 words.

Did I mention it is due in less than 36 hours from now?

Ohh… I’ve really done it now.


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