What a Terrible Night – The Centipede Attack

Yesterday Thursday night I was writing up a blog post about a recent outing late in the night. It was going alright, I was putting my time into it… but then, it happened. As I was typing away, inserting pictures and what not… my attention suddenly shifted to a HUGE black thing on my wall, not two metres away from me.

It was… a centipede. 

*insert scream of terror*

Now, if you must know… yes, some of my main fears are bugs, insects, and invertebrates (and in that specific order too). I don’t know why looking at them instills such a fear in me, but it does. Usually I get really surprised and freak out. I cringe and wince, I complain and complain and complain. But eventually, I can manage to get past the initial terror and eliminate the critter. Even though I try not to kill things, my fears do take a hold of me. And so I end up having to dispose of the critter in that way. However, last night was different.

Never have I ever reacted in that way to a critter before. Maybe it was because IT WAS A REALLY UNUSUAL ONE. No. Not one. THERE WERE TWO. NOT ONE, BUT TWO. AND NOT THE USUAL HOUSE CENTIPEDES, okay, THEY WERE HUMONGOUS.

When I saw the first one my natural instincts just shot up. Ever heard of “fight or flight”? My natural instinct was “flight” — usually, it is “flight”. That was until my brain stopped me with: “THIS IS MY ROOM. Why should I run away! You go away!” And so at that, I ran to grab a heavy slipper or a shoe (obviously not my own, my sister’s). I came back, winced some more at the sight of it… and attempted. I attempted to kill it. And I failed. That was when the terror ACTUALLY began.

Not only did it ESCAPE, but… one of its legs… *CRINGE* WAS ON THE WALL, STILL SQUIRMING. OH G– *CRINGE* I can’t discard the disgusting image from my memory bank, UGH. AND THEN, it fell into oblivion or something, I DON’T KNOW WHERE IT WENT, IT JUST DISAPPEARED. The horror. No. That was just the beginning. THEN… while I was reeling in from the shock… my eyes turned to the shoe I was still holding… and on it… were… MORE SQUIRMING LEGS. *FREAK. OUT.* I threw the shoe to the ground and just plain yelled out my agony. I don’t even– I don’t even know what agony that was, but it was just really …just… terror in me.

I went to grab my Raid spray, just in case I saw it again.  I sprayed in the area where I last saw the critter. And then I sprayed on the wall parallel to my bed too.


I sat on my bed frozen in fear after I’d let go of the spray, until I saw A HUGE BLACK THING RUN ACROSS MY FLOOR, right from my door to UNDER MY BED. IT JUST… RAN IN! LIKE, WHAT?! WHY. WHY!!! WHY!!!?!!


There was a BIGGER CENTIPEDE IN MY ROOM SOMEWHERE. And I didn’t know what to do. I was fixed on my bed, frozen.


MY GOD, I tell you. IT WAS HORRIFYING. Not only was it A BIGGER ONE, but it looked like a mutant one. It wasn’t the usual slim house centipede. I’m telling you. IT WAS HUGE, OKAY. AND IT WAS MORE THAN JUST BROWN, it had like a blue-ish bottom. WHY CAN I EVEN DESCRIBE THE BODY. GOD. It was a SECOND of pure terror as I looked at it in shock. Again, I RAN OUT MY ROOM, looked for a bigger, wider, flatter shoe (my father’s this time) and returned. EXCEPT, IT DISAPPEARED. IT. DISAPPEARED.

NOT having that humongous giant centipede there was even more terrifying than it being there. Just by a bit. I froze again… and then checked in all directions, all while standing guarded on my bed. Was it under my blankets?!! WHERE WAS IT?!!!

I sat around miserably for another fifteen or so minutes, whimpering and sobbing, until finally I decided that I had to sleep. I had an event the next day, and I needed sleep!! I fixed my blankets (for I had two blankets out at the time due to my laziness). I slept with the lights on that night. Far away from the walls on two sides of my bed… with one eye open (metaphorically, in reality I actually used an eye mask).

It was a terrifying night. A terrifying experience. I was just utterly …shocked and miserably until the following two days. I’m fine now, after sleeping over at my mother’s… and then returning the day after and vacuuming the whole basement floor with the big vacuum my grandmother brought over. But I think for at least a day and a half I was actually traumatized really bad. It was bad. I really — just — no. No bugs, insects, or invertebrates —  please.


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