Outing with Amnesiacs, Bunnies, and J

On Thursday I went out to meet my friends whom I call the Amnesiacs (Charisse & Liana), Bunnies (Roshan & Charlene), and  Josephine. Originally it was supposed to be Js, as in Josephine & Jessica (and previously Jean, as Charisse pointed out), but unfortunately, Jessica couldn’t make it. She had been the one to arrange the meeting and plan it since each of us were going off on trips at various times during the summer. It was a good chance to have a group gathering. Had she been there as well, it would have been the seven of us, which would have made the outing more memorable, since all the members of our high school group would have been present.

Unfortunately, Jessica rear ended a car on the way to meet us and so she couldn’t make it. 😦 But at least she wasn’t physically hurt, which is good. The last time a person around me got in a car accident it was my mother (around two years ago) and she’s still suffering from the effects of that. So car accidents are just– they’re just, no.

Anyway, so we all arrived on time (which — I must specifically mention because it is a feat in itself – that we set an pre-noon time and rushed to actually keep to the plan). (Though the main reason we’d rushed was to not anger Jessica since it was her planned event -_-. But anyway, moving along…) We started with ramen at Ajisen in North York. It was my second time going to a Japanese Ramen place in Toronto. The first time I had gone to one it was in downtown, and I had refrained from trying the ramen because of the heavy pork stock and mainly meat-ingredients. This time, however, I decided I would give it a try since they have soy and chicken alternatives. I opted for the chicken ramen.

Ajisen Shoyu BBQ Chicken Ramen

Then we walked north to a “hidden cafe” (as I had told them, lol) that I had found on the outing with Eri-chan before. I led them to Cafe Bene, where we spent the next hour or two.

*NOTE:   HOLY— my god, I can’t even — I was writing up to here when the centipede attack happened, by the way. x____x;;;;;

Anyway. Back to the original post…

So we went to Cafe Bene. We were led to the same place Eri and I were placed last time. Except this time the tables had to be joined together for the six or us.

We had this joke of a thing running about how the waiter was paying me extra attention which, to be honest, was flattering of course. But since I’m awkward with the attention I pretended to not like it 😛 tehe



Roshan was nicer to me that day~ usually we have a love-hate / tough love kind of relationship, but she was nice for some reason! We even chatted on the walk to the cafe. Maybe she was feeling nice that day, lols. (Roshan, Charlene, and I have been friends since we were age 12, and our chats during commutes have lessened, thus the special mention.)


With Liana

With Liana

With Charisse

With Charisse

Charisse, Charlene, and I ordered the exact same Chocolate cakes (lol) and Roshan, Liana, and Josephine got bubble teas.

Liana with her Chocolate bubble tea

Liana with her Chocolate bubble tea

After lounging around for what seemed to be almost two hours, half of us decided on noraebang (karaoke). Charisse suggested it first, while Liana was a-okay with it. I was on the borderline, because I was indeed tired that day due to lack of proper sleep, and I also was trying to save money. Plus, I had gone for karaoke just a couple of weeks back with Japanese literature classmates. Still, in the end I decided to go for it. Charlene came along for the first time. At first she was on the borderline too, but she slowly started walking away from the station entrance with the rest of us, lols. So in the end, Roshan and Josephine left early.

Noraebang was good, we went to our usual place – Shout! Karaoke, at the intersection of Yonge & Finch, right across the street from the Starbucks.

Charlene and I in the dark noraebang, with Charisse photobombing in the back, haha

Charlene and I in the dark noraebang, with Charisse photobombing in the back, haha

It was Charlene’s first time but she blended right in! Charisse and Charlene covered English songs, while Liana and I did the Korean/Japanese ones. It’s good that we all had similar taste in music. Even the English songs were ones that I was acquainted with, which was good because I could enjoy it too. We stayed from 3pm to 6:30pm, for only $20. (which we split into $5/per person) which was a good deal!

There is even a 2 second video clip that I accidentally took on Charisse’s phone whilst trying to take a picture, haha.

Overall, it was a good day. We went to the Korean food cart afterwards, and then headed home.



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