Job as a Florist Help

This past week, I was busy working at a Florist Shop with Charlene. Her friend asked her if she was up for the gig, and she was allowed to bring one friend. So she asked me, and of course, being unemployed and in need of quick money (and with the opportunity of working in a florist shop!?!) – I said yes. Charlene worked from Monday-Saturday, 8am to 5pm, sometimes a bit more. And I started from Wednesday. It was a pre-Mother’s Day temp job.

Charlene and I wore our matching shoes on my first day (her third day) to work

Charlene and I wore our matching shoes on my first day (her third day) to work

We took the bus together every day. Commuting on the public bus and subway from 6:30am in the morning was tough though. Now that I think about it, if I didn’t have my friend to go with in the morning, it would have been bland. Getting up in the morning is already hard enough, but to wake up even earlier?! Good thing Charlene and I live three bus stops away, so I called and coordinated our departure time together every morning. I’d get on the bus at the stop near me, and then call her to get out. Lol, one time I was running late and I barely caught the bus. I called Charlene, all out of breath, and all I said was “Run.” She quickly rushed down her three storey townhouse and reached the bus stop, really close to missing it. Haha, good memories. XD

Charlene and I downstairs before work, lol, look at how pale I look compared to Charlene's fair complexion, geez.

Charlene and I downstairs before work, lol, look at how pale I look compared to Charlene’s fair complexion, geez.

Overall, working at the shop was a good experience. I liked working with flowers, and I liked that I got the packaging station. In the beginning Charlene and I were hoping to work together downstairs in the production line. That was where they brought in the flowers and refreshed it. I wanted to work with the flowers on a first-hand basis, so I was hoping to work downstairs too. That was only until I got placed upstairs “with the designers” (as Charlene had called it) and was assigned to do packaging. I accepted my fate and followed the (very lovely and nice) manager upstairs. Packaging was less tolling on the body and cleaner than moving flowers around. I do think that Charlene worked more than me in the one week we worked there. But I think she also got to do a larger variety of jobs, which can be a good thing if you look at it in the resume-building way.

Still, I was glad I got placed upstairs. I still had the opportunity to work with flowers — I was packaging them! My job was to confirm the status of the order, pack the order (flowers in pots, vases, tins, etc.) into a plastic wrap and put it in boxes in order to delivery them safely.

One of my early packages :)

One of my early packages 🙂

I had the chance to work by myself on the first day. On the second day came another girl who had worked there since three years ago. She was a lot better and experienced than I was at the skill, so I felt a bit threatened and inferior. That, and the fact that she was older and had a tough-chick kind of feel made it hard for me to be comfortable. But on the third day I felt better working with her, and I think she, too, was a bit less scary and more chipper. (She credited that to caffeine though) By the end, I could make mistakes and not feel completely dejected. And by the time Charlene and her friend moved upstairs to help with the large amounts of orders, I felt more at ease with the girl, she seemed less scary.

Often times it would be slow in the morning. The only times I had the time to glance at the clock was once at 9:30am, twice at 10:30am, and once on the second last day at 3:30pm. Otherwise I would be too busy to even think about what time it is. The orders would pile up and I would continue packing until they were finished. Most of the days I didn’t even realize it was noon. Charlene and her friend came to get me for lunch, lol.

The only down part was that working from 8am to 5pm was tiring. My feet really, really hurt by the end of the day. Even with the break we got at noon time, it was kind of tough. I’ve worked as a Waitress before, but for some reason, my feet were really in agony. I had experience with 11-hour shifts at the restaurant before, so it wasn’t like I hadn’t worked. But perhaps it was because I hadn’t worked in over a year and a half. However, I still liked it better than Customer Service or Retail (referring to my job as a Waitress before). I liked what I was working with (flowers, gifts, and well-wishes), and I liked what I was doing (packing them), and the people were nice. The experience made me think that maybe I would be better suited at factory or labour work.

Also, I went bareface all four days I worked there. I had attempted some eyeliner on the first day but by noon it was hardly on anyway. And I’d already started with a barefaced impression so I’d figure it would be fine to continue on that way. It was kind of good, since it saved me time in the morning + I didn’t have to worry about my face, and/or feel murky about it.

Anyhow, I hope I get called back next occasion. It will probably be pre-Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, which I would have to skip since I’d be in Korea, but I’d definitely want to do it again next Mother’s Day and the holidays after that, if possible.


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