Good News — Moving!

The last post I left with was a bugger. Although I did recover a short bit after that, I seem to have fallen into darker times again. Nonetheless, that’s not what this post is about! I have good news! And it’s bigger than just me! (although since this is my personal blog, I’m just going to go ahead and lay out my perspective only, lol)

So two weeks ago, my father and grandmother+extended family took up the issue of our living conditions, and seriously at that. After my …ahem, centipede scare… and I guess, our general dissatisfaction with the basement place we’re currently renting, I suppose our discomfort became a top issue of the month. SO… my father started looking for a new place!

And lo and behold! With advanced internet searching abilities, and my father’s fast actions (calling the agents to take a look at houses), we scored! We casually went to see two houses on Thursday, one was far away and had been promising to me, the other my father had been eyeing for quite a few days prior. The first was a miss. But the second— my, my, my. It looked EXACTLY like the pictures, and it was in good condition. We’d looked at houses that were in far worse states, and so a change from that… (and perhaps the air conditioning that welcomed us into the home) made us feel good.

By Friday (the next day), we had joined the bidding war against 7 (?) or was it 9 (?) other parties. I had thought my father would let it go because it went above our set budget price. But surprisingly, he didn’t! He bid a little higher, and that evening we won the bid. The house is to be ours in early August.

Now… I, for one, am quite glad to be leaving this basement place where we are living currently. But at the same time… I’m a bit delusional (?) recently, and it feels too fast and surreal to me. So I’m not taking this as seriously as I may be appearing or acting, but… I actually… really… kind of… am glad to be moving.

Shifting is one thing that I’ve come to dislike in my life. I’ve lived in eight homes in my life. First was my birth house that I don’t remember; second, my childhood home; third, my apartment home that I really enjoyed until the fourth, when we moved to Canada to my grandmother’s. Fifth was my move out of my grandmother’s house to a house of our own. And sixth, a sad one in pieces out of there too, back to grandmother in her new house. And then there was the seventh, out of my grandmother’s again, to this basement.

This would be my sixth move, and it would be back to living with my grandparents (but this time, “together”, rather “than with her”). We’re to move in early August. And I’m leaving for Korea in late August. So really, I’d only be living there long enough to “set up” camp, and then leave for six month overseas. To be quite honest, I don’t like that thought… but, there are other uncertainties in my mind now, so I won’t pay much attention to that.

What I do like, however, is that the place is nice. It’s not a large house. It’s a fairly cozy house, kept in a good condition, and renovated in a smart way. I can’t imagine scenarios of this route that end in me being satisfactorily happy, but for now, I think it may just be an okay direction.


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