My Summer, 2013

It feels like a long time since I’ve blogged. July has come around already, and frankly, I don’t even know what I did all summer.

I think taking a half credit guitar course was a good thing since it kept me somewhat occupied. But other than that, all I’ve been doing is gaming on my mobiles.

That’s right, I now have two mobiles. One, my Android (Samsung Galaxy Nexus), and two, my new iPhone 4S (given to me last week by my father, who’s decided to get an iPhone 5 ;__;). So now I have two phones… except I use the iPhone as an iPod since I don’t want to bother changing to a network provider that supports Apple… but I’m planning to use the iPhone in Korea, and keep around the Android as backup.

Also, I was kept occupied by my fish, Mukun. -_-

I had transferred him to a bigger (10 gallon) tank a month+ ago, but he looked really bored and scared… so I got him some pet rummynose tetras to play with and a bunch of corkscrew val plant to hide in. (Yes… a bought my pet fish… more pet fish.)

Well… the bad thing happened, and the tetras all died. All three of them. They developed ich really fast and I didn’t have the necessary medications to cure them at the time. Along with them, Mukun also started to have finrot. I transferred him back into the smaller half-gallon space but it got really bad really fast and after spending a day in dilemma, I finally went out and bought a bunch of medications for him.

Days later, he was cured and in recovery… and now he’s well again, and I’ve transferred him back into the big tank. I’ve also thrown away the corkscrew val plants because they started dying and in the end only one root bunch was left… with a decaying strand. -__-; waste of money…

This is how he looked before his sickness —

Collage june 9 2013

And this is how he was after treatment —

Now he is recovering from the finrot, and the ich has subsided… his tail fin is showing fast growth everyday, and he seems to be okay :’)



Anyway, now I have 13 days left until I move to our new place – which is something to look forward to; two weeks until I enrol in courses at Hanyang; and a month and a half until I leave for Korea!

Right now… I’m just spending time in solitude. This summer has been a quiet and dull one, but I like it that way. I feel like I needed some time alone, and I’ve been a recluse for the most part. Also, my skin has been bad for the past weeks so that’s not really motivating me to go outside either >_>. That, and the humid heat outside! My gah. Can’t wait for July to be done with already!


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