Korea D-7!

In less than a week I will be on flight to Korea! Woo!

This past month I’ve spent… moving into the new house… unpacking… repacking… getting my visa ready, flight ticket, enrolment into Hanyang courses… and meeting up with people.

Now there’s less than a week, and there’s still much to do.

My courses are (somewhat) messed up; I can’t take the ones I’d originally planned on taking. A few moments before the start of enrolment times, I realized that the courses I had gotten approval for (from my department) are being taught in 100% Korean. Now, I’m not fluent in Korean yet, so I couldn’t risk it with my current listening/comprehension skills. So then I scrambled around looking at the “Taught in English (A/B)” courses… but then it became a problem of whether I can get it successfully transferred to meet the criteria I need to graduate. Bah. Anyway, now I’m enrolled in two Fashion-related courses, a Eng/Kor Interpretation course, and an Intro to Interpretation and Translation course. I think I also joined a Advanced Korean e-course, but I don’t even remember at this point. -_-.  I’m going to see if I can somehow take the Intensive Korean Language during the school semester AND the next level (whichever I’m at by then) during the winter semester, and then get it transferred as KOR 3000/4000 language courses. Gah.

Other than that, I have my flight ticket ready for Aug 27th, 7am – reaching Aug 28, 3:05pm. I think I’ll take either the subway/bus commute or the bus/taxi route. I don’t know yet. But I know those two options are cheaper than taking the $50-80 Hanyang taxi! And frankly, I’m quite confident with directions and commuting. The whole point of reaching in the afternoon and not the evening was to have ample amount of time to do it at my own pace. The end check-in time for the dormitory is 10pm, so that would give me enough time to settle in for sure.

I’m just hoping that I get along with my roommate (if I get one). Me. I hope -I- get along, not even “we”… but primarily me u__u. I know I can be troublesome, lol.


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