D-day, pre-departure

I’m leaving my house in about 4 hours, leaving Toronto in 7 hours, leaving Vancouver in 12 hours, and reaching Korea in just a bit more than a day. Everything feels so surreal.

Have you ever been so excited for the next coming thing that you couldn’t fall asleep, or couldn’t contain your smiles, or just couldn’t get your mind off of it?

Well, that part (for me) had been long over. I think… I’m at the cold feet stage. I never once thought I would be like this but… I just might be!

I didn’t realize how much I’d miss out on, and had only focused on the good things coming up for me. The adventure, the excitement, the exotic feelings of being in a foreign land (that I’d been only dreaming of for years… and that too, all by myself!) — a step forward, and a step out. But just now whilst chatting with two of my friends, I realized that there were things… that I would miss out on here in Toronto too; six months of my 16-year-old sister’s growing stages of life… six months of my preteen 12-year-old brother’s growth… the reliance of my solitary father and that of my mother… =/

I didn’t realize how important those things were to me. I thought myself to be more detached than I actually might be, and realizing that is unpleasant. For a few moments, I felt like I was having cold feet. But now I think that might have just been the discomfort of realizing that I might just be not as cold as I imagined.

Nonetheless… my adventure is finally beginning.

In a few hours… a couple of days… I’ll be in a completely new environment.

Will it be difficult? Maybe.   Am I ready? Perhaps.   Will it be a good thing? Yes.


Here I go~


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