I’m finally here~~~~~~~

There’s so many feels, I can’t even settle down enough to fully explain. I’m going to try to take it slow and document as much as I can manage. I’ve already exerted the majority of my enthusiasm to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram… so I suppose this will be a diluted documentary, unfortunately. Anyway, onwards!

It’s been four full days now…

Getting to the university was quite an experience. First of all, I opted out of the easier, convenient (but expensive) route of taking the university and airport taxis. In stead, I decided that I would take my chances with travelling through subway, and then using the bus. Though, that did not exactly finish according to plan.  I had the company of another student with me, so it wasn’t so bad, but we took four hours to get to the dormitory.

That was because we were taking our time looking at the signs, confirming which exits to take, etc. But it was also because once we reached Wangsimni station, I realized that I didn’t have enough change for the bus. I should have exchanged for more change! Well, the busses came and went, but I sort of lost my drive and didn’t really want to take the bus with my (one) luggage and (one) carry-on.  My friend, however, was lugging luggage that wouldn’t roll properly, so she was having a harder time. And while her carry-on was fine, she had other items on top of both baggage (neck pillow, blanket, etc.)… SO, I began trying to call a call taxi.

Now, my Korean is not that great. Although I can understand quite a bit, I don’t have the vocabulary to understand more than 40% of what’s being thrown at me. I can understand dramas and songs a lot better, but that’s because it’s repetitive words and phrases, and I’ve gotten used to them.  This, however, was not the same.

So I called the Call Taxi… (because we couldn’t, for the lives of us, flag one down on the street… /fail) and eventually after going through an Information number, and two more Call Taxi numbers, I successfully relayed the location we were at to the taxi ajusshi.  He didn’t know the way to the Dormitory, so I had to communicate with him some more, but in the end, I did it!   Our plane had landed at 3:10pm.  And we reached the dorm at 7:00 pm *__*.

But it was good~ not to forget, it was WAY cheaper. The subway ticket costed me 4050 won, less than $4. And the taxi came to a bit more than $3.50? But I split the taxi fare with my friend, and I felt bad for making him find us through much difficulty (which was my lack of confidence in Korean speaking skills), so we just gave him 5000 won, so $2.50 from each of us. 😀

Anyway, bottom line is, it was a good experience. It wasn’t as comfortable, sure… but we did ride the subway on the first day of landing, AND a taxi… and we got to see more than we would have otherwise. So it was a learning experience 🙂


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