Shopping at Edae!

Shopping at Edae!

My first time going to the Ehwa Woman’s University shopping district! I’d been wanting to go there for SOOOO long. Finally, I headed there on the first day after arrival *__*. Yup. Official Day 1: Shopping. *___*

Warning: Image heavy post!





This shop, Natural Laundry, had so many pretty clothes *__*. It was great. However, not cheap. My motto for shopping in Korea has been set to: Go Cheap! (lol) so the 30+ range in this store wasn’t fitting my search, no matter how cute it was.

It had great feminine, vintage/mori-girl styles though!

IMG_0533 IMG_0534 IMG_0535



This was probably my favorite store that day. Not only did I buy a semi-maxi skirt, padded camisole, and “hakuna matata” crop top, but it also had other stuff for quite good prices. $5-20-ish?




Now this store… the place where I unintentionally haggled for an oversized lace top… =__=. Originally $35, but somehow I got to $15 and ended up buying it because the “unni” there successfully aegyo-ed into my wallet. (She kept calling me unni despite being perhaps even 10 years older than me too ;;;)



And this store had a huge crowd of female foreigners buying bags like crazy! We went in the afternoon, and it was packed. But the other day I went in the evening and there was NO crowd. In fact, there were no customers at all! Strange?


Oh, by the way… all bags in this store were $10.


I got two for myself! The blush pink one above and the one beside it, but in white. I’ve been wearing the white one everywhere, it goes with EVERYTHING I wear~~~ so good~


There were other shops with $5-10 price range too, but I didn’t get to check properly. We’d walked for quite a bit, and frankly, we were tired ;;; and I already had bought a bunch of stuff. Considering how it was the first day, I decided to stop. *_*.


I saw things in various locations which were the same. This display was $30-ish, and I saw it again in Myeongdong. I guess it was a chain store?

There were also smaller shops like hat shops, more bag shops, etc.

IMG_0559 And of course… SHOES!


I didn’t like the quality of the shoes that much, but for the price I considered it. Still, seeing as how it was the first day, I decided to just “research” and just look. No rush!



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