Day 2: Omokgyo & Itaewon!

Day of the Exchange Student Orientation.

We had orientation in the morning from 9:30am until 1pm. After that, S and I had a schedule – we would go to register for our Alien Registration Card. I also met H that day, after the orientation.

So we went to get our Certificates of Enrolment at the Student Services Building, where we met E and K, two girls from America who got roomed together. It was a lucky encounter, because later I discovered that we had quite a few interests in common.

It was around 4pm or past that when we finally left campus through Hanyang Station. When we got to the Immigration Office at Omokgyo, it was around 6pm. It doesn’t actually take that long to get there, but we were stalling here and there, and it was our first time, so we took longer than usual. So we got there and began filling out the form… when someone came up to us and told us that they were closed.


We commuted for two hours, had already spent an hour or two preparing the documents… and then reached when they were closing. Greaaaat. Should have checked the time before venturing out on that journey…


Anyway, so there we were. E and K weren’t busy, and S and I had planned on going to Itaewon. She wanted to check out the mosque and for halal places to eat, and so did H. We roamed about trying to go towards the mosque for a bit, until we began to feel really quite hungry. Unable to tolerate it any longer, we went into this place called “Foreign Restaurant” (I kid you not, it’s actually called that). It was an Indian buffet place, and it wasn’t cheap. I think it was about $14.5 or $16 per person. Usually I’d be okay with spending that much for a meal at a restaurant, but hey, this is Korea! I didn’t want to spend so much on food! Especially food that wasn’t gourmet or some sort of special deal. Anyway, so we got suckered into eating there somehow, and then visited the 7eleven for some errands.

We also went to Daiso at 10pm, even though that’s when they supposedly closed. All in all, it was a long day. I met H, E, and K, and it was really lucky that we happened to find each other. But, other than that… Day Two was kind of, pretty much a fail, lol. No ARC registration, no good halal find, and no mosque either!


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