Two years later…

So, wow.

It’s been two years since the last time I posted on this blog. Typical me. I actually stopped blogging right when the real adventure began. Do I wish I had continued documenting the trip to Korea? Absolutely.

Well, I suppose it’s still in my instagram/tumblr in photo pieces.

How time flies still doesn’t register in my mind. Two years. Much changes. Meh.


My 21st Birthday

High Hopes

One of my closest friends Andrea celebrated her birthday today. We girls ate lunch at Song Cook’s Traditional Korean Restaurant, had dessert at Café Princess, and jammed at Shout! Karaoke.

At the Song Cook’s restaurant (Steeles & Yonge) we sat on thin mats placed on a heated floor and ate at a low table. The setting wasn’t cramped at all. It was comfortable and felt like a family home.

The birthday lunch group; from left to right: Jessica, Andrea, Raggie, Roshan, Liana and Eliz. 


Liana felt so excited to cook her food that she didn’t look at the camera.

But in truth, Roshan felt even more excited.


Roshan and Liana went for a washroom break, so Andrea, Raggie and I watched their food.


The raw veggies looked so fresh!


Back at my side of the table, the DonKaSu that I ordered waited for me… so I went back and ate it.


After more than…

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