There’s this chain shop of accessories called Naughtycat… and it’s awesome.

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Short outing to Fairview

Went out to meet up with R & L at Fairview Mall today~ it was a short three hour outing, but it was nice just going out and not having any plans. No errands, no shopping list, no issues. Just… going out to meet friends.


Hair & Bangs

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog. What happened? Laziness struck again! That, and with the shifting homes and with school in session and all… yeah. Anyhow, lots of things have happened between now and last summer. But at the same time, not a lot of things have happened that I could excitingly speak about.

Currently I’m just plain bored with my look – face, hair, and all. But that is also partially due to the fact that I cut my hair shorter. Short hair always makes me feel less. I miss having somewhat medium-long hair. The hair length is one thing, but the other problem is my bangs!! I just had to go and get my bangs cut short again! I swear — every time for the past, like what, three times I’ve gotten my bangs cut – they’ve been too short!! And then I end up putting it up for most of the time, and it grows out weird again! Annoyance, really.

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Dariya Palty Bubble Hair Dye – Namachoco Waffle

So I dyed my hair for the first time ever today.

I had red, pink, and lilac highlights before, but never dyed my whole head.

I knew about the brand, Palty, since I think five or six years ago, when I was into Japanese fashion and stuff. At that time Palty was the craze among fans. My gosh, I still remember, it was like the cool brand of hair dye on Soompi forums. Anyway, yeah, so I knew about it for a while now. But then since dyeing my whole head of hair went against my “principles” (aka my Beautician mother’s brainwashing/random lectures on how non-Professional beauty products are the worst evil concoctions ever created)… I never wanted to change my hair colour fully or anything. Until… well, now.

The hair dye I used was

Dariya’s Palty Bubble Hair Color – “NamaChoco Waffle”

I got taken in by her bangs in this picture, tbh. =_=. And the colour looked brown but natural-looking, but.. nice? It looks more red-toned in this picture though.