Beauty Hangout with Charlene


Last Saturday I went over to my friend Charlene’s house. It was Reading Week (although I did no reading…) and we had decided that I would come over to her place, we’d make ourselves up, and then head to Pmall to get her dress fitted (for a ball). The plan also included me coming back to her place after our Pmall trip, and us having a beauty chilling session.

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Review: Etude House – Collagen Moistfull Essence-in Primer


Etude House Collagen Moistfull Essence-In Primer

I ordered this primer from Sasa online, back in December. It was cheaper than eBay by a couple dollars. I think this essence-in primer has been out for quite a while now, since I’ve seen this Etude House packaging here and there. I bought this because earlier in the winter months I was having really dry skin, and my makeup would almost always just dry up and become flaky. After using this though, my powder foundation stayed on longer (and looked better too!), and also, my skin was more hydrated during the day.

This primer essence is a dual product, so it hydrates like an essence would, and helps makeup stay on like a primer would. Kind of great for people with dry skin, I’d say.

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Review: The FACE Shop – Brightening Cleansing Oil

IMG_4496Brightening Cleansing Oil (with Prune)

– – from the OIL SPECIALIST series

I got this cleansing oil a week ago at The FACE Shop store in Pacific Mall (Pmall). I wasn’t intending on buying anything there when I went with my friends, but I suppose I got sucked into the appeal of a whitening, brightening cleansing oil. I was looking for a whitening product of some sort, since I recently decided to try whitening my face again (to even out the skin tone). But I was also kind of eyeing cleansing oils ever since I saw the Korean beauty show with Eugene of S.E.S. where they were featuring skincare for dry skin.

Review: The FACE Shop – Chia Seed Collection


Chia Seed Water 100 Series

Recently my friend, Charlene, found this new Chia Seed collection in a beauty boutique in northern K-town. She first bought the Chia Seed Toner, and then also decided to try out the Eye essence. Then a few weeks later we found that The Face Shop had a store in Pacific Mall as well. Since I was running low on moisturizer, I decided to indulge in the Watery Lotion myself.

I will slightly review three products from this line.

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