Another week gone…

This past week… man.

All I did was sleep, eat, play games on my mobile, and pass time on the internet. Usually, my weeks mainly consist of: sleeping, eating, and being a netizen; but this past week I’ve been spending more time on gaming! And that too, on my phone! Whaaa?

First I found this app called LINE PLAY, which I saw on Tricia Gosingtian’s tumblr post… it was cute, and seemed like a… dress your character and make your house-type of game – which I like. So first I got hooked on to that… (5pm is an important time of the day now).


I even promoted myself on tumblr, twitter, and soompi. LOLS. It worked though, I got the invite codes/referrals I needed.

Then I decided to go app hunting, as in game hunting… and tried “League of Heroes“…


I was pretty into it for about two nights… even though one time, I chose wrong and had to grind my way through to continue. Then… this (similar thing) happened…


I got stuck at having to grind again (because of level caps)… so now that’s just sitting there…

By this time, I was already sort of addicted to another game though — EpicHearts.

And ohhhh let me tell you, am I… addicted. When I play it, the hours just FLY PASS. Once, I picked it up at around 12 or 1 am, next thing I knew, 4 AM! (smh) I can even fairly blame this game for making me indulge in staying up late into the night. Just two days ago, I didn’t shut everything off until 6:30am in the morning. The birds were chirping. My people here were waking up. Whilst I… was trying to fall asleep.


First intense session, I made it to Level 19. In one night gaming session. Then, suddenly… I was 29 o_o. And now I’m Level 36.

Sigh. This week of my life…


Summer schooling, 2012



Summer school is always better in terms of focusing your attention to certain courses, and not having to worry about a bunch of other ones. But then again, it’s also in danger of being abandoned due to laziness… having to bus all the way to school and back, “just for school”… =___=.

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