Another week gone…

This past week… man.

All I did was sleep, eat, play games on my mobile, and pass time on the internet. Usually, my weeks mainly consist of: sleeping, eating, and being a netizen; but this past week I’ve been spending more time on gaming! And that too, on my phone! Whaaa?

First I found this app called LINE PLAY, which I saw on Tricia Gosingtian’s tumblr post… it was cute, and seemed like a… dress your character and make your house-type of game – which I like. So first I got hooked on to that… (5pm is an important time of the day now).


I even promoted myself on tumblr, twitter, and soompi. LOLS. It worked though, I got the invite codes/referrals I needed.

Then I decided to go app hunting, as in game hunting… and tried “League of Heroes“…


I was pretty into it for about two nights… even though one time, I chose wrong and had to grind my way through to continue. Then… this (similar thing) happened…


I got stuck at having to grind again (because of level caps)… so now that’s just sitting there…

By this time, I was already sort of addicted to another game though — EpicHearts.

And ohhhh let me tell you, am I… addicted. When I play it, the hours just FLY PASS. Once, I picked it up at around 12 or 1 am, next thing I knew, 4 AM! (smh) I can even fairly blame this game for making me indulge in staying up late into the night. Just two days ago, I didn’t shut everything off until 6:30am in the morning. The birds were chirping. My people here were waking up. Whilst I… was trying to fall asleep.


First intense session, I made it to Level 19. In one night gaming session. Then, suddenly… I was 29 o_o. And now I’m Level 36.

Sigh. This week of my life…