Samsung Galaxy Nexus


So I got a new phone! My third phone, ever.

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Beauty Hangout with Charlene


Last Saturday I went over to my friend Charlene’s house. It was Reading Week (although I did no reading…) and we had decided that I would come over to her place, we’d make ourselves up, and then head to Pmall to get her dress fitted (for a ball). The plan also included me coming back to her place after our Pmall trip, and us having a beauty chilling session.

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Review: The FACE Shop – Brightening Cleansing Oil

IMG_4496Brightening Cleansing Oil (with Prune)

– – from the OIL SPECIALIST series

I got this cleansing oil a week ago at The FACE Shop store in Pacific Mall (Pmall). I wasn’t intending on buying anything there when I went with my friends, but I suppose I got sucked into the appeal of a whitening, brightening cleansing oil. I was looking for a whitening product of some sort, since I recently decided to try whitening my face again (to even out the skin tone). But I was also kind of eyeing cleansing oils ever since I saw the Korean beauty show with Eugene of S.E.S. where they were featuring skincare for dry skin.

Review: The FACE Shop – Chia Seed Collection


Chia Seed Water 100 Series

Recently my friend, Charlene, found this new Chia Seed collection in a beauty boutique in northern K-town. She first bought the Chia Seed Toner, and then also decided to try out the Eye essence. Then a few weeks later we found that The Face Shop had a store in Pacific Mall as well. Since I was running low on moisturizer, I decided to indulge in the Watery Lotion myself.

I will slightly review three products from this line.

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Herschel Backpack

So I realized that lately my blog has become some what of a ..what-did-I-buy-today-sort of blog. It’s because I’m just so lazy to take pictures of myself actually wearing the items. Plus, I’m usually running late. Lol.

Anyway, yesterday I bought a new backback! 😀

I got the Black Herschel Backpack from Little Burgundy.
IMG_3256 IMG_3257 IMG_3254
Only ONE year limited warranty 😦 but not like I use warranties anyway, lol.

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Dariya Palty Bubble Hair Dye – Namachoco Waffle

So I dyed my hair for the first time ever today.

I had red, pink, and lilac highlights before, but never dyed my whole head.

I knew about the brand, Palty, since I think five or six years ago, when I was into Japanese fashion and stuff. At that time Palty was the craze among fans. My gosh, I still remember, it was like the cool brand of hair dye on Soompi forums. Anyway, yeah, so I knew about it for a while now. But then since dyeing my whole head of hair went against my “principles” (aka my Beautician mother’s brainwashing/random lectures on how non-Professional beauty products are the worst evil concoctions ever created)… I never wanted to change my hair colour fully or anything. Until… well, now.

The hair dye I used was

Dariya’s Palty Bubble Hair Color – “NamaChoco Waffle”

I got taken in by her bangs in this picture, tbh. =_=. And the colour looked brown but natural-looking, but.. nice? It looks more red-toned in this picture though.